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Credit Report

The Facts Behind Credit and the Bureaus

It’s shocking to know that the majority of Canadians don’t quite know exactly what credit is, how it affects you and most importantly how to raise it.  This article will not only explain these to you, it will delve a little deeper to help you understand the inner workings of how your credit score is actually…

Emergency Car Kit

10 Must Have Emergency Vehicle Kit Items

In Canada, we are accustomed to all kinds of bad weather driving.  However, they all take a backseat to the dreaded winter road conditions.  A few of these conditions that can make driving tedious and dangerous during the winter are:  Icy or snow covered roads, lack of visibility and extreme cold.  The winter months also…

Car Schematic

10 Advancements In Car Technology

After inundating my brain with way too much information regarding vehicle advancements in technology, I need a couple weeks to recuperate.  However, the future of driving looks pretty incredible.  The rate at which vehicle technology is changing accelerates year by year. Many of the advancements are still in prototype stages, but some are literally right around…


Should I Buy A Truck Or Car? (Pros & Cons)

We all know that buying a vehicle can be a daunting task. Aside from having a plethora of options available on the market, there’s a diverse selection of types such as pickups, SUV’s, sedans, coupes, compact and sub-compact. It’s no wonder people are having a hard time deciding on a vehicle which truly suits their…


What Are Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Vehicles

To the consumer, a certified pre-owned vehicle (CPO) is an alternative to buying a new car at a higher price. Even if there are a few kilometers on the odometer, someone purchasing a CPO can afford a car that feels almost new, for less. Also, purchasing a CPO vehicle removes the uncertainty about the mechanical…