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How To Fill Your Car Up With Gas

Driving brings about knowledge and lessons that normally can’t be learned anywhere else.  One such task is car maintenance. The most common routine to maintaining your vehicle is filling gas.  Even though it’s considered  a simple task that can be done regularly, for new drivers with limited previous experience, it can be quite daunting.  To…


How To Bleed Your Brakes

If you find that the brakes on your car are feeling “soft”, chances are good you have air in the lines.  The way to remove the air is to bleed the brakes. What you will need: Combination or Brake Bleeder Wrench Appropriate Brake Fluid For Your Vehicle Clean Jar (glass) Flexible hose (no longer than…


How To Change Your Brake Fluid

As a general rule of thumb, you should typically flush and change your vehicle’s brake fluid once every two years. Because this task doesn’t require you to be a red seal mechanic, you can replace the fluid on your own; However, most mechanic shops do this now with the help of brake flushing machines. So,…

Oil Change

How To Change Your Own Motor Oil

A lot of do it yourselfers save money by changing their own oil and oil filter.  Here are some tips to help you change your own oil.  If you can’t reach your oil pan/oil pan plug and oil filter, then I recommend taking it to someone who specializes in oil changes. Always begin by warming…