Why Use Creditline ONE?

Our customers use Creditline ONE because we are not a retail dealer. We are an unbiased solution that eliminates the need to waste time shopping around and negotiating with dealerships. We provide all the services necessary so you don’t have to lift a finger; in short, we buy your vehicle for you.

What kind of information do I need to apply?

We start with your requirements and what you’re interested in. Once we have a good understanding of your wants and needs, we get the necessary information to get your financing set up.

How long does the process take?

Most times, we are able to get the entire process completed in 1-2 days and we keep you updated every step of the way. Depending on what type of vehicle you are looking for and how rare it is, this could take longer. We would rather spend a little extra time finding the right vehicle for you.

How safe is my personal information?

Our facility is safeguarded with high tech security and complies with the Equifax standards for privacy of information. Your information is kept completely confidential and fully encrypted.

How much can I get pre-approved for?

That depends on a number of factors. Depending on your credit, employment, and income, we already know who will give you the best terms and financing. It’s just a matter of us submitting the request.

Will this fix my credit?

This will have to be confirmed with the financial institution that provides the financing for your vehicle. Almost every financial institution, that we have access to across Canada, does report to the credit bureau and could potentially build your credit.

I’ve been turned down for an auto loan before. Can you help me?

We have a wider range of financial institutions than most dealerships and banks. Combine that with our experience and relationships, there isn’t much we can’t do.

Where can I view your vehicles?

Our network reaches across Canada and doesn’t include just dealerships. Because we have limitless access to ever changing inventory, we don’t have any specific inventory lists.

What types of vehicles do you help your customers find?

We’ve provided our customers with new and used cars, trucks, SUVs and our options keep growing. If you’re looking to purchase anything else, feel free to contact us and we’ll let you know if we can provide our services with your special request. There isn’t much we can’t do.

I found a vehicle that I’m interested in. Can you help me buy it?

Absolutely. Whether you found the vehicle or let us do it, we can still get your approved on it and provide all the necessary due diligence and negotiations to make sure the vehicle is the right one for you at the best possible price.

Do you accept trade-ins?

Yes! In fact, we have a large waiting list for vehicles on demand and could potentially get you a higher trade value than if you were to sell the vehicle privately. Even if you have a current loan on your vehicle, we can still accept it as a trade.

What are the interest rates?

We have access to all major lenders (and some smaller lenders) across Canada. Rates are changing on a regular basis but we know that we can have access to the best rates every time.

What are the minimum requirements for financing?

You must be of legal age in the province you reside in. Other than that, we can work with any forms of credit or financial circumstances.

Do I have to do a credit check?

A credit check is necessary to apply for financing. Without it, we are unable to provide you with financial options and are limited to providing you with a knowledgeable assessment.  All of our credit checks are issued by Equifax Canada.

Am I obligated to purchase a vehicle if I apply?

No. We work for you and we encourage people to discuss their wants and needs with us. If you don’t feel we are the right fit for you, there is no obligations and we are just happy to meet you.

Do you help people receiving income assistance?

Yes, income assistance is an accepted income and we have helped many people with the financial circumstance.

Do I need a down payment?

No. We encourage you to keep your hard earned money in the bank and will always try to get you with a 0 down option. Some instances, financial institutions will request money down but isn’t common.

Am I going to need a cosigner?

We have helped many people that didn’t need a cosigner. There are many factors to why a bank would request a cosigner but it isn’t always necessary.

I’m in bankruptcy. Can you help me?

Yes. Creditline ONE does have solutions for people that are currently or have claimed bankruptcy, consumer proposal, or debt consolidation in the past.