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How To Fill Your Car Up With Gas

Driving brings about knowledge and lessons that normally can’t be learned anywhere else.  One such task is car maintenance. The most common routine to maintaining your vehicle is filling gas.  Even though it’s considered  a simple task that can be done regularly, for new drivers with limited previous experience, it can be quite daunting.  To familiarize yourself with the refueling process, continue reading and before you know it, you too can master the art of refilling gas.

5 Tips to keep in mind

Want to avoid the potential embarrassment and save yourself some time?  Then consider these tips before you jet out on your gas station journey:

1)  Gas or Diesel?

Most cars run on Gas or Diesel.  The best thing to do is find out which fuel your car takes as your car’s engine can be damaged by running the wrong fuel. If you’re unsure which fuel it takes, check your vehicles owners manual.

2)  Where’s The Gas Cap?

Unless you want to try and stretch the gas hose across the trunk of your car, or better yet over the top of your minivan, it’s a good idea to note which side the gas cap is on.  This way, before pulling in to fuel, you can line up your tank with the nozzle.

3)  Opening The Fuel Cap Door?

If you want to avoid impatient motorists waiting for you to fill up, it’s a good idea to find out how to open the fueling door.  Some fuel caps are opened using a key, while some have a lever inside the car. Take a minute to discover how to operate yours.

4)  How Are You Going To Pay For It?

It’s always a good idea to make sure you have your cash/debit/credit card on you before pumping gas.  Otherwise, you may be in a pickle if you fuel up your car then realize you don’t have any money to pay for it.

5)  Where’s The Nearest Gas Station?

If you are in your at home, you can check out a number of sources online to find out where the nearest gas station is and directions on how to get there.  If, however, you’re in strange town, it’s ideal to monitor your fuel gauge and consider how long it may be until you pass the next gas station. Then take advantage of any gas station you stumble upon.  Gas stations are quite often listed on navigation systems as well.


The Actual Fueling Process

Once you found the gas station, follow these simple steps:

Step One

As you approach the gas station fuel pump, remember to line up your gas cap and the pump/nozzle.  You know which side the gas cap is on because you followed the 5 tips above.  If you forgot, most fuel gauges have an arrow pointing to the side with the gas cap.

Step Two

Make sure to turn your vehicle off and release your gas cap from inside (if your vehicle is equipped with this feature).

Step Three

Choose the proper fuel type associated with your car – Gas or Diesel.  Keep in mind, most gas stations sell more expensive fuels that claim to be more environmentally friendly and/or enhance performance which can be selected based on their  octane ratings.  Regular has a lower octane rating than Premium.  That’s a discussion all in itself.  Let’s just stick to regular for the sake of this article.

Step Four

Pull the nozzle out of the pump and insert it into the fuel filler neck (the hole where the gas cap was), select regular fuel, squeeze the nozzle handle to allow the fuel to flow. Monitor the pump display, which will increase as the fuel enters your vehicle in both price and liters.  Now you can decide to either stop at a certain dollar amount or continue until your tank is full.  When the gas pump automatically stops dispensing fuel, that’s an indication that your tank is full.

Step Five

Check the pump number that you were using (usually right on the pump or above it), lock your car and proceed to the counter to pay. Inform the CSR of your pump number and continue with your payment.

Important Safety Considerations

Always turn your car off when filling gas/diesel.
Never use your cell phone while fueling your car.
Always let the CSR know of any spills or accidents that may have occurred.
Always lock your car when you go in to pay.

Congratulations!  You have successfully refueled with no issues!  Now you can repeat this process for as long as you drive, with confidence.

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